We try to understand the meaning of life, why do people die and where do they go on from here. Is there another life, is the life we’re living now a test, do we get picked and when it is our time that’s it.

I’m still trying to understand what happens, where has my mum and son gone too, if they are still around why can’t I see them or speak to them. Why did they get picked and what is there life like now?

As a mother I worry where my son is who takes care of him and is he looking for me. When I explained in my first post my mother passed away 2 weeks before my son so unexpected, was she picked to be there for mason to take care of him and love him so he wasn’t alone.

So sudden did life have better plans for them, or was time slowly ticking and once a life full of happiness ready to end.

Until we meet again I will have to keep on wondering where will we meet again.

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